About Eb

I'm a Renaissance Black Woman...and this blog is a personal one that will be a random cluster of my career challenges, relationship woes, my likes and dislikes, living life to the fullest, the chronicles of my journey to figuring out who I am, and trying to corrupt as many patrons on this earth along the way..lol.

I am goofy as all get up but at the same time I'm real! You wont find anything here exaggerated or fabricated.

I can admit I have been known to tell a person off and Praise the Lord in the same sentence but what can I say, "God aint threw with me yet!" So hate it or love it...this is ME!
...I think!

If you are looking for my take on all things entertainment, music, sports, tv, hollywood, radio, celebrity and my talent work check out EbtheCeleb.com
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